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VieBridge, Inc. Is Dedicated To:

• Innovative service delivery solutions that are Web based
• Integrated solutions that improve core business processes
• User friendly solutions that simplify operations and reduce training needs
• Responsive solutions to unique program and provider requirements
• Value-based solutions that promote productivity and efficiency

Current and Prior Clients Include:

• State governments
• Community hospitals
• National Foundations
• Community home health agencies
• Community human service agencies
• Assisted living and nursing home providers
• Federal agencies
• Multi-national health/nutrition companies

About Viebridge, Inc.

Staff Expertise and Experience
VieBridge staff combine in-depth knowledge about health and long term care services to persons with chronic illness with extensive expertise in development and operation of Web applications for health service providers.

VieBridge staff provide consultation services to support the design and development of publicly funded long term care programs, including a wide range of state-run Medicaid, Medicaid waiver, and state-funded long term care programs. VieBridge staff has helped over half the states in various development projects and studies of quality and utilization.

VieBridge consultant staff also provide services delivery design and development support to a wide-range of local health and long term care providers including:

   • Hospital systems
   • Skilled nursing facilities
   • Assisted living and senior housing facilities
   • Home health and home care agencies
   • Case management agencies

Web Application Development
VieBridge technical staff design and develop large scale Internet applications for public and private organizations. Staff has in-depth knowledge of Web portal designs, implementation of advanced .NET and Web services applications, work flow methodologies, site security protocols, data base design and integration of multi-media functionality -- all specific to health and long term care delivery systems.

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Our corporate headquarters is in Herndon, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC. Send any correspondence to us at the following address:

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