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Our QI Solutions Support:

• Prior approval and independent assessments
• Implementation of QI indicators
• Internal quality improvement processes
• Survey and accreditation compliance
• Risk management
• Utilization management analyses

Our QI Solutions Provide the Tools to:

• Automate medical necessity review criteria
• Streamline the prior approval process
• Automate prior approval notifications
• Support field audits for retrospective reviews
• Support pre-payment and outlier analyses
• Promote best practices
• Encourage peer review and support

Quality Improvement Solutions

VieBridge offers QiReport, a reporting and analysis tool for use by agencies responsible for administration and oversight of health, long term care and/or mental health programs.

QiReport is a web-based system built around the timely submission of assessment, plan of care and outcome performance measurement data to support broad-based quality management and review programs of payers and program administrators.

QiReport is tailored for use by state Medicaid agencies responsible for management of large scale health and long term care programs involving a large number of provider agencies and a large recipient population.

QiReport streamlines data submission and provides the database and analysis capabilities required to assess agency performance and quality of service.

QiReport implements key elements of the Quality Management Framework mandated by the Centers of Medicare and Medicare.

QiReport is easily adapted to meet the specific data needs of payers or program managers. Set up is quick and easy.

By relying on Web technologies, QiReport is cost effective. Introduction and orientation to reporting agencies is simple and inexpensive. So is the operation of QiReport.

Integrated Care Management and Quality Improvement Web Services
Both ACHieve and Attain, our care management solutions, provide for the inclusion of quality improvement tools and measurement within individual agencies providing health, long term care and/or mental health services.

Users of ACHieve and Attain have access to various tools for quality measurement and analysis including:

Incident reporting and corrective action planning
Complaint reporting and remediation
Self-survey checklists for agency use
Tools and supports for external surveys and monitoring by regulatory agencies
Consumer outcomes tracking,consistent with the plans of care
Training content on quality improvement
Best practice presentations
On-line staff training and technical assistance materials
Both ACHieve and Attain are designed to support benchmarking across agencies and comparative analysis of consumer assessments, plans of care and outcomes. An integrated database design in both applications supports extensive analysis of service results and utilization.

Fostering A Commitment To Quality Care Through:

• Collaboration between payers and providers
• Use of formalized, validated standards and outcomes
• Promotion of evidence-based best practices
• A culture of excellence
• Experience-driven innovation
• Continuous improvement processes
• Integration of quality management with utilization management

Focusing Quality Initiatives On:

• The consumer or client especially those at-risk
• Person-centered concepts to target quality initiatives
• Identified issues or problems of quality discovered through external reviews
• Consumers at greatest risk
• Services with the greatest importance or volume
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