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Dedicated to Person-Centered Services:

• Comprehensive assessments
• Accounting for consumer interests and goals
• Support for person-centered planning
• Support for Individualized plans of care

Customizable Solutions:

• Modular design that fits care management workflows
• Easily customized screens and assessments
• Taxonomy driven plans of care
• Taxonomy driven outcomes and measurement
• Custom reporting and query capabilities
• Responsive to payer requirements and data needs

Care Management Solutions

VieBridge offers Web-based solutions for health and long term care providers in need of better tools for care management, client tracking, and person-centered care. We have three care management solutions.

VieBridge developed e-CAP expressly for funding sources or agencies providing case management services for home and community based services. This comprehensive IT solution provides a complete "end-to-end" workflow management platform to organize and track all essential case management tasks while providing oversight agencies/funders the ability to closely monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of such programs.

The workflow management capacities of e-CAP make it possible to know the status of each beneficiary in the case management process in real time. Each essential case management task is "computer-assisted"; for example:

Assessment scheduling and assignments are managed by e-CAP
Assessments include validation and completion tracking functionality
Assessments are evaluated by e-CAP for beneficiary service needs as well as determination of the beneficiary's acuity level
Service needs, triggered from the assessment data, automatically populate the corresponding beneficiary plan of care
Care/service plans result in e-CAP-generated budget calculations based on built in fee schedules for all services
Service planning validations enforce service and case cap limits
Beneficiary monitoring tasks are automatically scheduled and tracked for completion
All quality assurance reporting and remediation tasks are actioned and tracked using e-CAP functionality

The e-CAP system relies on standardized tools and templates to ensure consistency and enhance data analysis. e-CAP tools and templates can be easily customized to meet individual sponsor requirements. You will find standardized referral/screening tools, a comprehensive, modularized assessment template, standardized service planning templates, beneficiary notices, service provider notices, multiple beneficiary monitoring tools (monthly contacts, visit forms, team meeting forms and case notes). Various quality assurance tools are standardized as well. All of these tools are integrated, include built in validations, and support a beneficiary electronic record.

The e-CAP system also includes a full suite of program management tools and processes such as:
Enrollment request processing
Computer based evaluations of program eligibility related to medical necessity and level of care thresholds
Wait list management
Auto-generation of prior approval records that can be electronically transmitted to claims processing systems
Analytic tools and reporting in support of operations management, program oversight, utilization management and quality assurance

Like other VieBridge solutions, e-CAP is a cloud application that is hosted and managed by VieBridge. There is no software to install or maintain on the computers/tablets of end-users. The e-CAP system is HIPAA compliant and includes a robust security design as well as complete backup and disaster recovery capabilities. The e-CAP system is accompanied by various on-line instructional materials and videos to help new users become familiar will all aspects of the e-CAP functionality.

ACHieve is a care management application for use by providers of home and community based long term care services that includes an integrated on-line solution for:

Intake and screening
Comprehensive assessment
Care planning
Client tracking and monitoring

Our comprehensive assessments make it easy to identify consumer needs and interests. Built-in scoring and analysis routines summarize assessment findings in ways that can guide development of plans of care. ACHieve assessments can be easily modified to meet regulatory mandates your agency must meet.

ACHieve incorporates various job aids and work flow tools to help organize care management tasks among staff, supervisors and other management staff. These tools assure tasks are completed and improve staff management.

There are on-line prompts, tips and guidelines for users related to their specific jobs. And ACHieve supports multi-media training, peer support and networking among staff, within and across agencies. Better yet, agencies can easily update the on-line staff training and technical assistance content consistent with agency or payer priorities.

ACHieve helps providers move toward a paperless operation and the implementation of an electronic client record consistent with the principles that are guiding the adoption of standards for electronic health records.

ACHieve is an ideal platform for use by multiple community agencies working with common clientele and in need of shared tool set for care management, service documentation and a common client record that is HIPAA compliant.

Attain is a care management and staff utilization management application tailored for use by providers of community mental health services. Attain provides the tools to automate key care management and related business processes of community mental health agencies, including:

Automate client intake and assessment
Service authorization
Person centered planning
Service documentation and billing

Designed for use by both professionals and paraprofessionals, Attain matchs consumer needs with staff capacities and expertise across the full range of services and programs you provide.

Attain provides for on-line analysis of operations and supports productivity reviews while supporting person-centered care.

Special functionality exists for providers of mobile crisis services and support for programs serving persons with developmental/intellectual difficulties.

Attain supports on-line authorization requests and tracking as well as electronic billing to various payers.

For community agencies providing Medicaid and state funded services, Attain is designed to help ensure compliance with regulations and requirements associated with publicly funded mental health services.

VieBridge Care Management Solutions help professionals to:

• Assess
• Plan
• Authorize
• Monitor
• Educate
• Counsel

Our Care Management Solutions help professionals to:

• Enhance assessment, planning and monitoring
• Leverage professional expertise
• Improve communications with clients and other professionals
• Support the use of outcomes and best practice guidelines
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